A Classic U-Tip Oxford done Yuketen style! This timeless shoe design has been a staple in American style for decades and continues to be a popular choice. 

Yuki Matsuda’s design concept with the Made in Italy collection is to take classic, well-loved American footwear styles and produce them in an artisanal, small historic Italian factory in Mount Sibillini, Italy (part of the Appennines). Simply put, American style, Italian craftsmanship, Yuki’s Japanese sensibilities, and excellent materials.

The origins of this style aren’t necessarily American, but it is a classic and timeless style. This style was named after one of Yuki’s friends who has a love for vintage military officer footwear. When Yuki saw the sample for this shoe, they reminded him of his friend who he knew would love these, so he named them after his friend.

The uppers are hand cut and hand-lasted from the most beautiful full grain black box calf leather from the historic Freudenberger leather tannery in Germany. Freudenberger box calf leather is a high-quality leather that has been used for the production of fine footwear, clothing, and accessories for over a century. The leather is named after the town of Freudenberg in Germany, where it has been produced since the late 19th century. The town has a long tradition of leather-making, and the leather produced there is known for its high quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Box Calf Leather is made from the hides selected for their fine grain and tight fibers. One of the unique features of Freudenberger Box Calf Leather is its tight grain, which gives it a smooth and uniform surface that can be polished to mirror-like sheen. The leather is also known for its ability to develop a rich patina over time, which is a natural process that occurs as the leather ages and develops a unique character.

Taking inspiration from Yuki's old American Work Boots he utilized a Goodyear storm leather welt. In "Goodyear welt" construction our thick leather midsoles are welted to the outsole using a strip of leather (the "welt"). A "Goodyear storm leather welt" uses a different welt with a built-in side wall protecting the upper for a more moisture-resistant, tight seal. Yuketen's way of Goodyear storm leather welt construction is labor intensive and time consuming but provides superior artisanal construction and quality allowing for increased comfort and durability, additional water-resistance, easy resoling and provides a beautiful, finished look. This storm welt has a scalloped built-in side wall, adding to the finished look but also the scalloped design of the welt helps to channel water away from the foot, providing additional protection against wet conditions.

To finish of the foundation of this shoe, Yuketen chose the rugged yet sophisticated Made in Italy Cortina Lug Sole. The Cortina lug sole is characterized by its deep, widely spaced treads that provide excellent traction on rough and uneven terrain. The treads are designed to channel mud and debris away from the sole of the boot, which helps to prevent slipping and improves grip. It is durable and long-lasting, while still flexible, allowing the foot to move naturally and comfortably while walking.


- Freudenberg’s Classic Full Grain Black Box Calf Leather
- Thick Veg-Tan Leather Insole
- Hand Cut and Hand-Lasted
- Storm Leather Welt 
- Original Cortina Sole 
- Handcrafted in Italy