MONITALY CREWNECK FIELD SHELL JACKET ZIGZAG NAVY.  The Field Shell Jacket offers a military-inspired design with a modern twist and silhouette.  Inspired by the Italian army smock jacket worn in the snow, this loose-fit jacket is reworked to achieve a modern fit, yet it retains the original details such as a cotton string closure system and large front patch pockets.  With a genderless design mind, this jacket will be a great fit for both boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Filled with three ounces of high-loft virgin hollow polyester insulation, the fluffy quilt fabric used helps keep you warm in a condition where doing light activity in cold temperatures.  The quilt traps air in a space between its synthetic fibers and the air gets warmer as your body temperature increases with movement.  This quilt mimics the feel of down but gives you the benefits of a synthetic insulation and less-bulky feeling.  Unlike down which becomes heavy when damp, the quilt remains light in weight even when a bit wet.  This unique zigzag stitched quilt is made with a super lightweight rip-stop nylon fabric.  It’s the same spec as real parachute material; durable, soft and windproof.  


- Zigzag-stitched quilted insulation 
- Lined with parachute rip-stop nylon fabric 
- Crewneck
- Cotton string front closure 
- 2 x Exterior large patch pocket

- Made in the USA