Yuketen’s Alejandro design is inspired by a primitive Mexican huarache style. Each pair of Yuketen huaraches is handcrafted in Mexico by highly skilled indigenous artisans using traditional huarache construction techniques.

Each of the upper leathers are hand-dyed, and entirely hand-cut and hand-woven using Yuketen’s original vegetable-tanned leather, which affords a soft touch on the wearer’s foot for endless comfort. Also the edge of the backside of the each leather strips are shaved off in order to achieve a softer and comfort feel to the wearer’s skin.

Unlike the stiff and heavy recycled tire soles used on the traditional huaraches, Yuketen’s huarache features the Vibram’s USA made lightweight morflex unit sole, which was designed for maximum grip, durability and traction.

Yuketen’s huarache combines the artistic elements of folk art and old-world craftsmanship with modern design and fitting.  The Alejandro is a classic slip-on design that is inspired by world-famous Mexican resort city.


- Huarache construction
- Vegetable tanned leather upper
- Vibram’s USA Made 2060 Outsole
- Hand-cut & Hand-woven


SIZING GUIDE: This shoe fits larger than Yuketen moccasin footwear. It is strongly recommended that you purchase the shoe one size smaller than the size you normally wear in Yuketen moccasin footwear.