Yuketen Eudardo is a joyful leap in footwear design, bringing together the pliant comfort and durability of the blake stitch construction shoes and the subtle aestheticism of the 1950s first ever made American casual leather shoe style. The Eduardo is handcut and handcrafted in Portugal onto 1930’s semi modified lasts for the ideal union of comfort and style.

The fundamental components for this style are rich and silky Italian-made cow suede uppers lined with soft-tanned cow leather for added comfort and a foundation that is constructed of a combination of a light weighted EVA sole unit with an orthopedic spec heel, which provides high shock absorbing. The combination of the semi-modified last and the orthopedic spec heel work perfectly to help correcting wearer’s posture and gait.

These remarkable features mark a new direction for Yuketen’s design aesthetic verging toward formal elegance while simultaneously maintaining all core principles and construction techniques for high-quality handcrafted products.