Headed by Angelo Urrutia, 4SDESIGNS serves as a reflection of his detail oriented, old-guard-meets-new mentality. His line incorporates the hallmarks of 1990’s American sportswear that he grew up with, reinterpreting them with the sensibility of French prêt-à-porter and the fundamentals of traditional Italian and English tailoring. Using fabric from mills like Albini, Marsotto, Ventile and Gruppocinque, each garment is designed, from the lining to every last finishing detail, with comfort and longevity in mind. In terms of sourcing and production, 4SDesigns shares space with Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna and Gucci, but the idea is not to evoke an air of exclusivity.

In a personal anecdote about his time in Bologna, Urrutia notes that the people there only cook with the freshest ingredients, because if you’re going to eat something, it should be the best. For Angelo, if you're going to introduce something to the menswear market, it needs to serve a purpose. With details like raglan-stitched coat sleeves, long-hair wool that’s been finished like cashmere, and box jackets inspired by the weight distribution of a Chanel suit, everything that 4SDesigns produces is consumer-focused, and done so with the utmost care.