A Kind of Guise wants to make clothes for everyone. Based out of Munich and producing the whole of its line in Germany and Italy, the company is diligent in its effort to create approachable products with longevity and conversation.

Founders Yasar Ceviker and Susi Streich started in 2009 with ambitions to create a duffle bag out of leather used to make Italian medicine balls. Interest in the bag inclined them to turn a project into a vocation, opening a studio and introducing a small line of clothing that same year. Taking an extemporaneous, learn-as-you-go approach to their trade, they have landed almost instinctively on an output that expresses a great deal of consideration without feeling contrived. The brand’s classic, easygoing perspective is underlined by an ardent pursuit of fabrics, textures and dyeing processes, punching up what would otherwise be conservative examples of tailoring. That incongruity is where A Kind of Guise finds its strength, subtly altering convention renders the label a chameleon-like peculiarity that finds it in closets of every stripe.