Started in 2011 by Marc Asseily and Laurent Bouven, Arpenteur lives in a space between the preservation of French workwear and an emotionally resonant narrative about the joy of exploration. Arpenteur is based in Lyon, and everything is produced in specialized factories throughout France. Nationality is a core part of its identity, harnessing a quality that extends beyond the sum of the brand’s parts. Each season is punctuated by a comic strip from Régric, the graphic artist known for his adaptation of the clear line style popularized by French-Belgian works like The Adventures of Tintin. The comics stem from Asseily and Bouven’s inspirations and color stories, building a world around them that reflect the soul of their output. The brand’s name is French for surveyor, a profession that regiments exploration and creates a reference point for others in turn. Much in the same way, the pair started Arpenteur without prior experience because they wanted to create something that wasn’t already available. Never designing something that they wouldn’t personally own, Asseily and Bouven’s commitment to quality and constant revision results in garments that are expansive, refined and remarkably easy to wear. Arpenteur symbolizes adventure, providing what’s required to propel one to examine any and all prospects.