Engineered Garments’ name comes from creative director Daiki Suzuki’s design ethos, his clothes are not imagined and drawn, but re-engineered from classic designs that have been stripped to their bare bones. Engineered Garments takes classic design archetypes and revitalizes them with consideration for both the modern day consumer and the roots of American workwear. This can be seen in recurring motifs like mismatched fabric panels, unstructured tailoring and pockets abound, lending a distinctive yet versatile air to each of its collections.

As part of the Nepenthes umbrella, Suzuki has a working relationship with Keizo Shimizu that spans back to the early 1980’s. Both shared a keen interest in hard-to-find, high quality wears made in the United States. Following its establishment in 1988, Suzuki acted as the US-based buyer for Nepenthes up until Engineered Garments was conceived. Employing a remarkable understanding of American workwear since its debut at Pitti Uomo in 2002, Engineered Garments has become a cornerstone of the menswear market.