Lady White Co. is a champion of classic American sportswear. Since its start in 2015, the company has carefully expanded from their trademark white t-shirt to an accomplished collection intended for everyday wear. Its founder, Philip Proyce, built Lady White around an ambition to concentrate its production in his home state of California. Nearly everything sold through the company is produced within a 10 mile radius of its headquarters in Los Angeles, allowing for the level of oversight made possible through the ability to visit each element of the production process in one day.  Phil and his team share a great love of small details, regularly researching and adjusting knits, dyes, stitches and fits to best accommodate function and appearance over time. The visual language of skate culture, design and advertising from vintage sportswear companies, documentary style photography and the boundary between natural and man-made all play a part to inform the easygoing, yet precise character of Lady White Co.’s offering. In choosing to focus on the things you reach for first each day, the foundational elements of a wardrobe, the deep level of care Lady White imparts on its product underlines just how much weight that they have.


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