An earnest tribute to the halcyon postwar era in menswear, Monitaly was established in 1995 under Yuki and Megumi Matsuda’s parent label, Meg Company, and is headquartered in their home of Torrance, California. Inspiration for the brand stemmed from Yuki’s fanatical obsession with American clothing from the 50s, 60s and 70s, particularly its apparent craftsmanship and the small observable changes in finishing details over time. Monitaly is a progression of Meg Company’s former efforts — consigning vintage garments and altering them to update their fit or enhance function intuitively evolved into a line of menswear that reevaluates the classics it sprouted from. Military jackets, pleated pants, camp collar shirts, preppy activewear and the like are appraised from the top down and amended with each season, not unlike how flagship products go through stages of their own. Monitaly is named after Yuki and Megumi’s daughter, Monica, and the pair’s appreciation for Italy and the generations old manufacturers that call it home. The company is rooted in love, dedication and the personal bonds that it has engendered. As such, the level of care made material in its wears is indicative not just of concept, time invested or standards implemented, but of a resolute and shared purpose to bring elegance to the everyday.