For Nanamica, every factor that builds into the frame of daily life is a creative wellspring. Eiichiro Homma’s lifelong love of sailing and decades long career in sportswear has spun gold in the form of a synthetic blend. Named after the house of the seven seas, Nanamica unites a relaxed, yet composed affect with first-rate technological innovation. Careful not to over-embellish, Homma takes inspiration primarily from immediate surroundings. He and his partner, Takashi Imaki, pose questions about the kinds of garments that help people get through their day, focusing on fabrics suited for a constantly expanding range of conditions. The brand’s character is underlined by straightforward design intended for ease of wear and a singular, obstinate attention to detail. Since its start in 2003, Nanamica’s need-focused approach has wrought products you can depend on, rain or shine.