Stemming from the founder’s love for a pair of childhood dungarees, orSlow is a study in clothing standards that came to be over the 19th and 20th centuries. A merger of the phrase “or slow,” the company was founded in 2005 by Ichiro Nakatsu, expressing a corrective to the increasingly rapid turnover in trends and conventions alike. Nakatsu is a collector of vintage clothing, particularly workwear and military surplus, and spent time with his archive to adapt a range of styles that feel prototypical to modern fare. Each product is designed cautiously and deliberately, with respect for the effect that different techniques have on an end result. Denim is the company’s core enthusiasm, having perfected a handful of fits based on classic archetypes, intended for comfortable wear and a long shelf life. Each pair is made in Okayama, Japan from 100 percent cotton, using only vintage Reece, Singer and Union Special sewing machines. With each season, orSlow offers denim and traditional workwear built for anyone to rely upon.