Our Legacy has been steadily honing its vision since its inception in 2005. Headed in Stockholm by Jockum Hallin, Christopher Nying, and Richardos Klarén, what started as a quest to create the perfect t-shirt soon evolved into a full menswear line. As time has gone on, the brand gradually shifted its perspective from one that had a more traditional take on menswear to one that pushes boundaries while retaining a timeless ease. It pulls from multiple eras and approaches to design, lending an enigmatic quality that allows creative risks to feel like natural choices. At the heart of the company is nostalgia, and there is immense strength in its ability to stack related ideas on top of one another. A 90s reference can itself be referencing the 70s. Flared denim can have a screen print of decades-old jeans on it. In both cases, they’re sure to become wardrobe mainstays. 

We’ve carried Our Legacy since 2014, and witnessing its evolution has felt like seeing how people can explore different facets of themselves while fundamentally remaining the same. Never stagnant, they continue to find new ways to communicate their ideas without ever losing the plot. The range of customers and senses of style that are drawn to the brand is expansive, and it speaks to its adaptable nature that it can challenge without being difficult to wear. Our Legacy is resolute and full of surprises — we find ourselves on our toes at the start of each season.