Founded in 2017 by Auguste Richly, the Berlin-based brand’s tiered approach to product design places a special emphasis on fabric selection, different global manufacturing processes and the fundamentals of tailoring. As a polyploid cell has three or more chromosomes, each collection consists of anywhere between eight and sixteen different shapes, or ‘cells’ multiplied into categories A, B and C. The first category, A, consists of a single, white calico fabric that highlights the making of the garment itself. Category B features a second fabric offered in two colors, and in category C a third offered in three. Clothes made from Japanese fabrics are made in Japan, and those made from English, German or Austrian fabrics are made in Germany, done so both to honor techniques rooted in each country and to signify the strong relationship they have to one another when it comes to craft. The result is a modest, thoughtful product line with five different iterations per piece, each guided by a drive to evoke a unique sensation.