Story mfg. was founded by Katy and Saeed Al-Rubeyi as an expression of one encompassing value: create clothing alongside nature. The seed that sprouted its will to exist came from a visit to India, where the couple met with a number of artisans that practiced natural and ecologically conscious modes of production. It was through Colours of Nature, the dye house and atelier based in the commune of Auroville, that they were introduced to dyeing methods that employ materials like Babul bark, madder root and natural indigo. They were inspired to work with people protecting age-old and time intensive crafts, initially designing a pair of pants in collaboration and building from there. From its inception in 2013, Story mfg. has designed clothing in good faith and with remarkable transparency, offering consumers informed access to the beliefs that govern the company, the materials they use, the people they work with and how things are made.

If the principles guiding the company’s decision making and manufacturing structure are at the forefront of its communication, the clothes are what underline it. Coming from backgrounds in trend forecasting and design, the couple share a keen intuition for what’s going to wear well over time. They have a penchant for loose, oversized fits, clamp dye patterns, block prints and crocheted embroidery, drawing from the same well each season to create a coherent and recognizable perspective. As a reflection of its values, Story’s product evokes a feeling of comfort and seems to hold the energy that went into its making. In Impressionist painting, those that mastered the form would use the brushstroke to convey light above all else. In looking at a garment from Story mfg., it’s clear that they want you to see the light.